"Music lover First"


René Moreno is a multi-faceted DJ & Producer that has been preforming in the London scene for over a decade. Often DJing open format but with a keen affinity for African House music. He runs his own thriving event brand; "Tribal Soul" which focuses solely on "Afro-House". He curates mash-up mixesof both these worlds that is now earning him considerable attention from the Miami Club Scene. In 2018 he's already been invited to perform in Miami on 3 separate occasions, with more on the horizon.

Born to a Afro-latin family in lisbon, Portugal where musical roots run deep. The love for music was a right of passage, very early in his life his Grandfather and Uncle were already well renowned local DJs. In René's case the apple didn't far from the tree, from a very young age he became drawn to music and the art of Djing.

His ear became attuned to diverse genres of music flavoured with the tastes of his elders and from the general pop culture. It was evident from early on René had an ear for music far beyond his years. He had great knowledge of classics from years gone by with a natural intuition to read a crowd, which became more evident soon after he started helping out with the music at family functions. His ability had convinced his uncle to start teaching him how to DJ, he was only 10 at the time.

Fast forward a few years and René was already playing at local block parties, schools and house parties. Soon after René moves to London and becomes more involved in its urban culture and music. This is where his DJ career really began to take off. When Funky-House became prominent in the early 2000’s, another sound seeped through with it which captivated his attention. It had rhythmic percussive undertones akin to those he heard growing up. They called it Afro-House, but to him it was music for the soul.

From then on his DJing style began to make a U-turn back to his roots in Portugal, where this sound has now taken over the dance floors with a grip that’s more evident than ever to this day. With this fusion of styles mixed in his sets René brings forth a truly immersive high energy set that feeds the soul.